ARCHE co-director Caroline Tokarski was the host of the 2022 MaSC workshop and meeting, which was held alongside the annual Bordeaux Summer School in September 2022. The workshop took place from 26-28th September, and was the first MaSC workshop that focused on proteomics applied to cultural heritage. Meanwhile, the meeting was on 29-30th September, with one day hosted at the Musée d’Aquitaine, and one day at the Bordeaux Opera.

All ARCHE members were highly involved in the organisation of the event; Catherine Gilbert and Francesca Galluzzi took parting in teaching the bottom-up proteomics session of the workshop, and Aleksandra Popowich in the MALDI-TOF workshop, alongside members of the Bordeaux Proteome Plateforme. Workshop participants also had the oppurtunity to follow courses on MALDI MS imaging applied to cultural hertiage, as well as a structural proteomics workshop led by ARCHE students Vasek Krupicka and Daniel Vallejo.

During the MaSC Meeting, ARCHE projects were presented in the form of a keynote from ARCHE co-director Julie Arslanoglu, and as oral presentations from Catherine Gilbert, Aleksandra Popowich, Vasek Krupicka, and Daniel Vallejo.

Alongside the packed scientific schedule, workshop participants were invited on a boat cruise on the Garonne River, and all meeting attendees were invited to a gala dinner at the Château Malartic-Lagravière. It was an amazing oppurtunity to reconnect with collegues on either side of the Atlantyic, and to share the exciting results that ARCHE has produced!