Bordeaux Proteome is a scientific and technological platform open to all academic and private scientific communities through the provision of services, materials and expertise in the field of proteomic analysis.

Based on the most innovative technologies and methodologies and the latest generation instruments, Bordeaux Proteome offers services in protein analysis by mass spectrometry and associated separation techniques.

A complete service offer integrating the identification, characterization and quantification / differential analysis of proteins is offered by the platform.

Since 2015, Bordeaux Proteome has been certified ISO 9001 and NF X 50-900. The certified Quality Management System concerns our activities: Research, technological development and expertise in mass spectrometry and proteomics in the fields of Biology, Health and Agronomy.

Our expertise

  • Identification of proteins in complex mixtures.
  • Quantitation and measurement of protein differential expression with / without labeling
  • Characterization of co/post-translational modifications
  • de novo sequencing
  • Protein partners identification (Interactomics, protein complexes).

Our services

One facility

One organization

Several activities

Differential proteomics

Biomarkers identification


PTMs modifications

Deep Proteome

Clinical cohorts

Multi-omic analysis (proteins, lipids, polysaccharides)

Trace analysis

Taxonomic identification

De novo sequencing de novo

Protein modifications

Spatial distribution on tissues



Exogeneous compound quantification using MALDI MSI

MSI data processing

Glycosylation profiling

Protein complex

Protein-protein/ligand interaction



Affinity-based protein profiling

LiP-MS (limited proteolysis)

Top-Down MS protein characterization

Our services

* Parternship with Centre de Bioinformatique de Bordeaux