Terms of use

Bordeaux Proteome is available to the academic and industrial scientific community and offers a variety of services, technologies and expertise to meet their needs in Proteomics: separation, identification, quantification and characterization of proteins by mass spectrometry.

The services are rendered either in the form of collaboration or in the form of a service. In the case of a collaboration, the laboratory in charge of the project assumes the operating costs. In the case of a service, the laboratory in charge of the project assumes the operating costs but also the costs of expertise.

This charter presents the terms of access to the Plateforme Bordeaux Proteome site and specifies its operating rules for users.

Our commitments

  • Provide you with our current rates, which are subject to regular review
  • Establish on your request an estimate relating to the analyzes that you wish to entrust to us
  • Provide all advice and expertise necessary for the definition, implementation and management of the project
  • Train designated users in carrying out the analyzes and provide them with technical assistance as much as possible
  • Provide you with the equipment and protocols needed to carry out the project and the resulting analysis
  • Return the results of analyzes carried out by the staff of the Platform according to the defined schedule and, if not necessary, define with you the appropriate solutions
  • Ensure the sustainability of our technological performance through an active technical and technological watch and an action plan for the upgrading of equipment and the continuous training of our staff
  • Implement, through the continuous improvement of our quality management system, all the means necessary to demonstrate our ability to conduct projects and analyzes in accordance with your requirements and applicable regulatory requirements
  • Respect the confidentiality vis-à-vis the results of your work with the exception of your contact details and the title of the project (unless otherwise indicated on your part)

Your commitments

  • Provide the technical manager with any information on the project to carry out the processing of the samples and the analysis of the resulting results,
  • Inform us of the health and safety rules that apply to any sample presenting a proven risk for equipment or people
  • Preserve the integrity of the equipment by avoiding performing any action that could harm its integrity and keep the Platform staff informed of any malfunction
  • Comply with the reservation schedules for the devices, the instructions for using the equipment as well as the specified health and safety rules
  • Respect confidentiality vis-à-vis technological developments that may be underway within the Platform
  • In the context of a collaboration, include as co-authors the staff of the Platform who participated in the work carried out

By signing this charter, we mutually agree to respect its various points.

However, the person in charge of the platform reserves the right to interrupt a project or to prohibit access to the Platform to any person who does not respect one of these commitments. Similarly, the platform manager reserves the right not to carry out a project if the guarantees of implementation do not seem to him to be met, or if it does not seem to comply with the regulations or ethically inadmissible. Finally, as the Platform has a rule not to compete unfairly with proteomics service companies, corrective invoicing may be applied a posteriori in the event that the publication rule implied by the collaborative nature of the project has not been respected.

Head of the Plateforme Bordeaux Proteome

Caroline Tokarski